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PPC - An Integral Part of Online Promotion

Posted by Aljuri Norris on Monday, July 30, 2012,
Because the marketing world gets tougher, the degree of competition also gets higher. Consequently, many businessmen lose their businesses simply because they aren’t able to cope up with the fast changes of advertising strategies. As the world continues to suffer from global financial crisis, we have to find our way out of the situation wherein our businesses aren’t progressing like they were before. We need to adapt to some crucial changes affecting our business processes that results to...
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PPC: A Much Greater Web Marketing Answer

Posted by Aljuri Norris on Wednesday, July 18, 2012,
There are businessmen who become very concerned when it comes to changing their marketing technique. Not only that changing strategy costs a lot of money but it also doesn’t guarantee that it would bring a lot of success especially in the world of the internet. This type of behavior is very understandable simply because even today, the internet is nevertheless a mystery territory and putting their advertisements in it could be nothing more than a gamble. There are differences in the physica...
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